Wednesday, December 10, 2014

American Horror Story Stuff

Because I have become an American Horror Story trash lately. Enjoy.









Do you even remember this thing? Oh well, here is No3 anyway!

No wonder the word for hallway in french is "le tortoir".
1.Tips for the hallway. The best kind of hallway is the one that has a number of doors from the left and the same number of doors from the right and in the end there is either an older bigger door that leads to an old living room (you know the ones in which you are certain someone has been murdered in) or a wall with a creepy old painting, or a mirror maybe.

2. Tips for the bathroom. There must be a bathtub. The tub must be broken so you will hear the drops falling on the sink in the middle of the night( it's bad for the enviornment though; so don't do it) The mirror above it must be one of those who open and there are small shelves behind of him. You know what I'm talking about there is one like that in every horror movie.

3. Tips for the bedroom. The bedrooms must be big rooms with a lot of windows. Even though it would be cool, a balcony is not preferred in my opinion. The walls must be decorated with either family pictures or with the creepy decoration I explained in the No1 of this series of posts. There must be a big BIG clock somewhere in the room. As I said before, a mirror in the opposite of the bed is a must. The older the furniture the better. There must be a double bed.

4. A library. I mentioned books in No2 but now I'm being a bit more specific. A room full of shelves full of books full of dust is a great plus. For some reason I believe the temperature in this room must be lower, even if the rest of the house is already close to the Ice Age. There must be a photo album of the old family somewhere in the library, along with other mysterious papers, like the letters of the previous head of the house to the Queen of England (LONG LIVE THE QUEEN) or a private detective or an experienced murderer or his prostitute girlfriend or to his prostitute girlfriend who is an experienced murderer and a private detective at the same time. The library is the place in which you will find out that the previous owner cursed whoever dared to take her land (Yes I was watching The Conjuring).

5. About the neighbors. You cannot always avoid having neighbors, but here are some characteristics of the best ones: First of all, an old grumpy widower who mumbles stuff about the house that seem important but you wont understand(like Jessina Lange American Horror Story). An old lady who is ver y cheerful and gives you cookies but when you say you just moved next door she frows, gets inside and starts praying. A newly married couple who dont believe in anything the othes say about the house and at first start hanging out with you but then they eithet get mysteriously murdered or something like that.

6. Buildings near the house. A church (the priest will hate you) a school (just imagine children passing from your house every day) and a hotel. Because hotels are creepy anyway.

EXTRA TIP 7. Nothing needs to be fixed.
The tubes? The lamps? The table? If something broke it broke for a reason. It was ment to be. Don't ask from anyone to fix it and try to lessen the damage (for example by putting buckets down the flour so the carpets wont get wet because the roof leaks.)

So yeah this is way smaller than the other ones. I'm probably updating them at some point.

Hacuna Matata,



Sunday, November 30, 2014

News (about my life not the world. It can be a war happening out there for all I know. Sorry)

I can offically not work the computers of the previous decade. No surprise there.Anyway I would like to indicate  the fact that it took me 20 minuites to actually sign into blogger so I'm not going to lie I am a bit annoyed.
So what I am going to talk about for today's session is the fact that I recieved  an invitation from ello.
Wtong picure. Wrong picture where did this come even from.
Naughty ello.

I'm weird I know. But good weurd right?
 I dont think there is good weird. Of course there is. What I doing?

Does the "it's invite only" sound like a clique to anybody else? Must be only me.
I  feel honered only if it didn't take you a month...

Cryptocat is preety cool but doesn't even have a phone aap for android .Bummer.

So as it turns out I might stick around here a little longer. Oh the joy.
Have I mentioned that mathematics algebra, advanced physics and plain old physics are killing me. no? Well what is a better place to complain than the inernet?I just feel like I'm failing everything.
Sorry there for losing my composure. It will happen again. 

So yeah I decided to turn this place into a support group named " Nobody cares about your petty problems Zoey" If you want my opinion/help comment. After all Pessimism is for everyone that cares enough to overthing, regret and wallow in self pity. Another fun Sunday night then.
Advertisment was never my strong point .Off the list it goes. If  you have not realized this post isa little bit of everything about nothing, I can go with that. Sorry inexistent people of the Realm.
This got too depressing too soon.

Youtube stuff

Salutations unproductive people of the internet,
I was on youtube again doing basically nothing and decided to share some of my findings. (Yay! right?).

by the user JoshSundquist.
Seriously how come I've never heard of him before today??
Because who doesn't want to know the math out of a completely mathematical world?
Really awesome chanel though
I'm a cool person I swear....

and this one that is called nerd^3
that fom what i concluded is some guy finding bugs out of games..
I don't really play games all that much still hilarious though.

And these people talking aboutgame of throne.
I love got. Don't judge me.
I'm seriously considering buying the game in jenuary. Jenuary?
I'm too lazy to look it up.
That is it for today I think I'll update again,
In the near future..

Friday, November 28, 2014

Η Πριγκίπισσα Ελσινόρη

Μια φορά και έναν καιρό, ήταν ένας βασιλιάς, ο οποίος είχε 11 κόρες. Οι τρεις έμεναν στο παλάτι με τον πατέρα τους και οι υπόλοιπες είχαν παντρευτεί. Η μια, δεν ήθελε να παντρευτεί ποτέ της και προτημούσε να μένει στη βιβλιοθήκη του παλατιού. Η άλλη, είχε κατάμαυρα μαλλιά, δέρμα λευκό σαν χίονι και αστραφτερά μάτια. Κάθε μέρα, αμέτρητοι ιππότες και πρίγκιπες επιστεπτόταν το βασιλιά θέλοντας να την παντρευτούν. Το ίδιο ήθελε και ο Ροδόλφος Ρουλεμάν, που είχε καβαλήσει τον Χουζουρίξ, το θαραλέο αλλά νυσταλέο του άλογο και πήγε να βρει την τύχη του.
Όταν ο ιππότης έφτασε στο παλάτι ζήτησε το χέρι της πριγκίπισσας. Ο βασιλιάς, χαϊδεύοντας την Φιφίτσα, τη νυφίτσα του, τον ρώτησε "Ποιά από τις δυο; Την Ελσιβίρα ή την Ελσινόρη;"
Ο ιππότης όμως δεν ήξερε το όνομα της πανέμορφης πριγκίπισσας.
Και εδώ είναι που μπερδεύει το πράγμα.
Η ιστορια αυτή ανήκει στο βιβλίο "Τα 33 Ροζ Ρουμπίνια" του Ευγένιου Τριβιζά. Το βιβλίο εξιστορεί πολλές ιστορίες και κάθε φορά που φτάνει ο ιππότης σε ένα σημαντικό σημείο της ιστορίας, ο αναγνώστης επιλέγει τι θα γίνει (Π.χ. πρέπει ο ιππότης να διαλέξει την Eλσινόρη ή την Eλσιβίρα; Αν θες να διαλέξει την Ελσινόρη πήγαινε στην σελίδα...ενώ αν θές την Ελσιβίρα στην...) Έτσι, υπάρχουν χιλιάδες διαφορετικές εκδοχές της ιστορίας του Ροδόλφου Ρουλεμάν. Αυτό το βιβλίο το διαβάζω από τότε που θυμάμαι τον εαυτό μου και ακόμα δεν έχω καταφέρει να διαβάσω μερικές σελίδες γιατί οι επιλογές μου δεν με οδήγησαν ποτέ εκεί.
Αν διαλέξεις την Ελσιβίρα, συγχαρητήρια (;). Η Ελσιβίρα είναι η εκθαμβοτική πριγκίππισα που θέλει ο ιππότης. Ωστόσο, για να πάρει το χέρι της, ο ιππότης πρέπει να περάσει πολλά δινά (πχ να βρει την μαργαρίτα που λέει πάντα σ'αγαπώ). Το θέμα είναι ότι τις περισσότερες φορές ο ιππότης δεν καταφέρνει να επιστρέψει στο παλάτι με ότι ζήτησε η Ελσιβίρα, ειδικά αν το διαβάζεις τις πρώτες φορές και δεν ξέρεις τις σωστές απαντήσεις. Ασε που μερικές φορές η πριγκίπισσα-εγωιστικά-αλλάζει γνώμη, ή στραβομουτσουνιάζει επειδή της έφερες χ είδος λέπια δράκου και όχι ψ που ήθελε (Κάτι σαν τα 15χρονα στην Aμερική που κλαίνε επειδή οι γονείς τους τους πήραν άσπρο i-phone και όχι μαύρο που ήθελαν).
Υπάρχει ωστόσο και μια άλλη περίπτωση. Να διαλέξεις την Ελσινόρη. Αν το κάνεις αυτό, θα παρουσιαστεί μπροστά σου η άλλη κόρη του βασιλιά, μια κοπέλα με δέρμα χελώνας και μάτια σαύρας και άλλα τέτοια αποκρουστικά. Ο ιππότης πρέπει να ξεπεράσει αυτό που βλέπει και να φιλήσει την Ελσινόρη τρεις φορές. Η πριγκίπισσα στην αρχή θα γίνεται όλο και πιο αποκρουστική ( στο δεύτερο φιλί βγάζει και δεύτερο κεφάλι με μαλλιά-φίδια). Την τρίτη φορά όμως, η Ελσινόρη θα μεταμορφωθεί σε μια κοπέλα τόσο όμορφη και γλυκιά και ο ιππότης θα ξεχάσει την Ελσιβίρα. Η Ελσινόρη είναι πρόσχαρη και ξέρει να φτιάχνει τα καλύτερα ντολμαδάκια σε όλο το βασίλειο. Στο τέλος, ο πρίγκιπας την παντρεύεται και ζουν ζωή και κότα.
Και ρωτάω: μήπως ο Τριβιζάς στέλνει ένα μήνυμα; Ο ιππότης χρειάστηκε μονάχα τρια φιλιά και βρήκε τη γυναίκα των ονείρων του ενώ, αν διάλεγε την Ελσιβίρα θα περνούσε του κόρμου τα βάσανα και θα κατέληγε με μια εμφανίσιμη κοπέλα που ούτε ντολμαδάκια δεν ξέρει να φτιάχνει (έλεος!). Και αν.
Μήπως και πάλι καταλήγουμε στο ότι δεν πρέπει να μας νοιάζει η εξωτερική εμφάνιση αλλά τι υπάρχει μέσα στον άλλο; Κάτω από την αποκρουστική "μάσκα" η Ελσινόρη είναι πολύ πιο όμορφη από την Ελσιβίρα και έχει και πνευματικά χαρίσματα. Αν έχετε διαβάσει το βιβλίο, θα θυμάστε επίσης ότι η Ελσινόρη είναι πιο στρουμπουλούλα από την Ελσιβίρα, αλλά αν έβλεπες το πόσο ευτυχισμένοι είναι μαζί με τον ιππότη, όταν κάθονται στην αυλή του παλατιού και τον ταϊζει ντολμαδάκια, η όμορφη Ελσιβίρα που ταϊζει περιστέρια δεν πιάνει μια.
Βέβαια μπορεί να τα λέω όλα αυτά επειδή υποστηρίζω μια θέση αντίθετη με αυτή της Ελσιβίρας. Όταν ήμουν μικρή, έκανα σαν τρελή όταν έφτανα στο σημείο να διαλέξω το όνομα της πριγκίπισσας γιατί ήθελα μετά μανίας να διαλέξει την όμορφη. Οταν έκανα λάθος, στεναχωριόμουνα. Είχα δοκιμάσει όλες τις εναλλάκτικές που έδινε ο Ευγένιος Τριβιζάς εκτός από το να φιλήσει την Ελσινόρη ο ιππότης (να προσπαθήσει να την πνίξει, να πηδήξει από το παράθυρο...) έως ότου αναγκάστηκα να τον κάνω να τη φιλήσει. Και μετά μου άρεσε (εννοείται) το τέλος αλλά πάλι ήθελα ο ιππότης να διαλέξει την Ελσιβίρα την επόμενη φορά. Γιατί; Μάλλον γιατί ήμουνα 7 χρονών και μου άρεσε πιο πολύ να διαβάζω τον ιππότη να πηγαίνει από το ένα μέρος στο άλλο(από το κάστρο του γίγαντα, την αυλή μιας πανέμορφης νύμφης, την σπηλιά μιας μάγισσας, στην χώρα του Χασμουρητού, σε ένα σπίτι στο δάσος καλυμμένο με σκόνη και σε ένα τσίρκο) και δεν με πολυενδιέφεραν τα μηνύματα.
Ακόμα και όταν το διαβάζω τώρα, επιλέγω την Ελσιβίρα, γιατί ψάχνω απεγνωσμένα έναν τρόπο να διαβάσω όλες τις σελίδες του βιβλίου και αν επιλέξω την Ελσινόρη έχω λιγότερες επιλογές. Αλλά αυτό δεν σημαίνει πως γενικότερα προτιμώ την Ελσιβίρα από την Ελσινόρη.

ΥΓ Αν ο ιππότης, τρέχοντας να ξεφύγει από τους φρουρούς (μεγάλη ιστορία) καταφύγει στη βιβλιοθήκη και απαντήσει σωστά στην ερώτηση την Τζιτζιφούλας, της μικρότερης κόρης που δεν θέλει να παντρευτεί, θα μείνουν μαζί στη βιβλιοθήκη και θα διαβάζουν βιβλία ευτυχισμένοι. Εικόνα και αυτή καλύτερη από την Ελσιβίρα και τα περιστέρια της.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Apps and Some other Stuff

We’re currently in the super secret hiding place –Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends pun-A.k.a. Zoey’s house. Zoey wants me to stay still. She wants to draw me for some reason. She drew three fucking lines on the paper.
Anyway, we checked in two new sites today via Android, Appy Geek and Ello. I’m not sure if we’ve signed in Ello though, because the person who made us has to approve our invitations.
Let’s just go with the really irritating one first, Ello. -Vcay: it reminds me of Death Note’s Mello. Anyway, it took us around 15 minutes to realize the way to sign up, because we had to GOOGLE it. We had to google HOW TO SIGN UP ON A PAGE.
Seriously. And after around 12-22minutes an email came and said “we’ll think about it.” What is wrong with you? We know you’re beta testing the app, but is it that hard to accept anyone?  It has been two hours and we haven’t received an email. Any kind of email.
It’s like the creator, the guy that lives in him mom’s garage, decided to go out TODAY. Of all days in the year.
But, we’re no signing up for some bullshit application. It is the internet, we want everything now. If we wanted to wait for 59 years, we would go out and make friends. And I don’t know what’s wrong with that propaganda. We understand, you don’t like Facebook and you don’t sell people like pieces of meat, but the third time you said that it got really annoying.
About Appy Geek now. It is a really cool app, which is basically the news of the geek community. We’re not a part of that. I think. I don’t think there even is one. The whole thing was fucking awesome, the articles were pretty interesting-I learnt they made a pc game for Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, which I’m so looking into. They even gave you the option to rate the articles like “cool”, “ok” of even “So What”. How cool is that?
Just for the record, if we could be identified as geeks, we would be literature geeks or something, as you’ve probably realized. We don’t even know one programming language. The news on Appy Geek was about pc, Android, Nintendo etc. It was still cool, even we didn’t care about it. Would it kill you to put something about books and anime?
If you haven’t checked out Tapastic.com, go check it out! Just don’t log in from the app, it doesn’t let you favorite anything for some reason. It just freelancer artists making comics and manga. There are some pretty cool comics there and you can even support the artists by donating money if you want. That’s the best comic book app I have encountered of which it solely up to the user to update crap.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Youtube Stuff

I don't know if this guy is just really weird or really funny.  Probably both. God I spend a little bit way too much time on youtube.
Oh right his name is  Mathieu Sommet.

In the wrong side of youtube again and this time in french. If you have any idea what that is please let me know.This chanel's named  benzaieTV

For more information click the Link below.
I'll be bleaching my eyes out, still love it though.

Say you didn't see that one coming .
I'm so immature
Anyway here's the link to their chanels.

Mathieu Sommet: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCpwMG0qZkr62FNZktfcvYg
benzaieTV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3SLk50bvlivTtnFZqk-bHQ


Saturday, October 11, 2014

News I guess

Hello there.
Nothing is really going on with my life so I will update you with news of the world or my life. Yay.
Don't you feel reasured?
Anyway I found this really cool website that is called mapofmetal.com which can introduce you to some songs.
Oh France is reducing it's nuclear production by 40%. Cool huh? No? I would know.
I started a drawing challenge and if everything turns out okay I might udate some of my drawings. I don't know if this is a punishment to you or to myself!
Netfilix is now working on Linux.
Nobody cares. I'm a deeply boring person...
I'm trying to learn how to work Dream Weaver doesn't really work out for me.
That is basically all.
I have other things to attend to, only not really.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Windows 10? More like Windows 1984

If you try to cope with the news on the internet, Microsoft has announced the newest version of Windows; Windows 10. And no, you weren't too busy you didn't notice Windows 9, they simply don't exist. [Something like the Xbox thing.]

Now Microsoft updating Windows isn't that big of a deal is it? It wouldn't be if Microsoft didn't have free access to the Microsoft 10 user's files, history and identity information. I'm being serious.

When I first heard that, I immediately thought of Orwell's 1984. Because let's face it, whoever will dowwnload Windows 10 will probably spend a lot of time online, so Microsoft has the change to literally spy on you. What kid of policy is this? What is their excuse?  I have been searching for a pretty good reason to make us say "Oh, okay, I understand.". But I haven't. Unless they are trying to find terrorists. Which isn't their job. And even if they wanted to do that, why announce it in the whole fucking world? Now you tell the terrorists, and everyone who doesn't want their files read by anyone else, not to choose Windows 10. How many people do you think are ok with this free access of yours Microsoft?

*dramatic mother voice* You disappointed me Microsoft. I expected more from you. Now I guess I have to download Ubuntu. [Just Google it and find out.]

See More Here:http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/microsoft-s-windows-10-policy-raises-serious-privacy-concerns

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Acceptable Use of Your Smartphone In Public

What is Acceptable: Two people using one phone. It's like saying two kids playing with one toy is bad.
What is NOT Acceptable: One person using their phone and ditching the others next to them.

What is Acceptable: Two or more people are using their phones and talk about it in the meantime. There would be no different if they were reading a different magazine and talked about the articles.
What is Not Acceptable: Two or more people using their phones without talking to each other while they are out at a cafe.

What is Acceptable: A teenager using their phone while at someone's house they were forced to go. Before you start talking about impoliteness, I'll explain: It's okay if you visit your aunt's house to eat with them like they do every Sunday. The kid eats, listens to the adults for three minutes and then is fucking bored because the adults will continue talking about things the kid isn't interested in for four more hours. So why can't the kid open the phone and play Angry Birds? I bet no one would have cared if the kid was playing with a Rubik Cube but no , it's a phone so the kid must be stuck with it all day.
What is Not Acceptable: Having your relatives from America to visit for the fist time after 45 years and the kid is on the phone.

What is Acceptable: Hanging out with your friends and at some point take a snapchat/tweet/post something on Facebook
What is Not Acceptable: Being with your friends and constantly doing the above without paying your friends attention and/or talking about the above all the time.

I don't know if these are common knowledge or just me. But the next time you assume two teenagers in a cafe are "influenced by today's technology to isolate themselves" think about what I just said.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vaya's 12:46am Thoughts.

I'm so sorry. It's late and I got emotional.  Again.
 And yes, I'll talk about weight again.
I'm litteraly surrounded by girls who eat a shitload and don't gain an effing pound. You have no idea how many times I've had one of those conversations:
Girl:*eats the fifth sandwich in one school day*
Me:*starving, not having eaten nothing the whole day* You're eating again??
Girl: Yeah. It's so crazy that I'm not fat or anything.

Ok. I exagerrated. Most of the girls I know arent acting like that. But you get my point. I think.

Anyway, I understand that some of you are going to tell me-or have told me already-that you would like to be more chubby. And that both overweight and really skinny girls have the same problems.

Let's be honest. You can find advantages of being skinny (easy access to small places, fitting easier on clothes, looking cute in oversized sweaters etc etc).
What are the advantages of being fat?
Carrying useless extra weight to your whole body? Spending a hundrend and two days in order to find trousers that fit you? Being constatly reminded by society that you're ugly?
There are a lot of adds and shows and stuff that tell me that. How many have you seen that tell you the same things?
No matter how many you find, I will always have more.
Spare examples I just thought:America's Next Top Model,  1346 doctors in shows talking about diets every afternoon. Adds everywhere, all the time. Magazines. The fact that while you're reading this you cannot name the last overweight singer who got as famous as Adele. Comments on Adele's videos. Comments on videos in which an overweight person says something someone disagrees with and decides to attack their looks.
Show me one comment that said "go eat something and then come talk to me you skinny bitch", while the topic of the video is not weight or looks or something like that.

Honey Boo Boo's mom does something weird with/for her daughter and everyone calls her a fat whale.
Hailey Phelps is being homophobic and disrespectful in a gay shouldier's funeral and no one called her a skinny bitch or a sceleton. They fought her ideas.
Why can't the same people fight only the bad parenting of Honey Boo Boo's mom and not her fat as well?

Tada. I just made a stupid post.
I dont even know why I write anymore. All my ideas are common knowledge.
I won't bug you again with something less awesome than my cat giving birth. I sort of promise to try to think about promising.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

How to Trick People Into Thinking You Like Their Gifts

There are various occasions that you may recieve a gift:birthday, name day, marriage... But they are not all of them...how to say it....likable.But you also don't want to hurt the other person's feelings because, after all, they had spent money and time on that. So what do you do?

1. Imagine that you see a cute little kitten/puppy/anything cute. That way your expression will look more excited than it already is.

2. Pretend you wanted to buy that thing but you didn't have the time. Just be fast. You don't even have to get the shirt out of it's box. Another example: If it's a book, read the title really fast and say "[Insert Title]! Oh my God, what if I told you I had an eye on it when I saw it on the bookstore?" or , again, if it's a book, you read the back of it and say "Oh, that's the one? I wanted to buy it!", pretending that you didn't recognise the name or author but you have read the plot and liked it.

3. If you have another person near you, show it to them and say something like "Look at it! It's amazing!"

4. The next time you meet the person who gave you the gift, wear it. If he/she doesn't recognise it, imply it. Say something like "I'm wearing such a nice shirt/necklace/etc today! I wonder who gave it to me?!" with a smile on your lips. If it's a book, read a review online or something and pretend you have read half of it.

5.In order to avoid all this, just say "I'll open it later! Thanks!" Attention: This will work only at parties. If you're alone with the person, you'll just sound stupid.

So yeah, these are my advice! I'm such a horrible person....


Thursday, July 10, 2014

What to do when you suck at drawing backgrounds:

What to do when you suck at drawing backgrounds:
Pray(if you are an atheist. uhm I don't know improvise.sorry

  • Don’t draw them at all (hey it did work for the creator of Naruto.
  •  Practice you lazy little star dust
  • Make your entire story on a foreign planet; all you have to draw is a round rock.
  • Draw porn nobody even cares about the backgrounds then. 


  • Zoom into the characters a bit too much
  • Draw only the things that are essential for your story

  • Or to identify each place
  • Maybe.
  •  Don’t create comic books, create novels or something.
  •  Ask for help. Meaning: make a more talented friend of yours draw them for you.

 take care and be artistic and stuff

More stuff about feminism and books I suppose

Hello youthful humans,
I am aware it hasn’t been such a long time since I updated anything. And yes, I also know this is exactly the opposite way I started all my previous posts too for some time. Oh well it is not fine there is somebody out there expecting me to write anything that makes much sense anyway. If I want you to know that I feel like a jerk right now.
Anyway, back to the point I was reading the chronicles of Vladimir Tod twelfth grade kills well again (inner fangirl screams) I was going through the 16th chapter where Meredith tells Snow that Vlad will never go out with her (I know high school drama what can you do about it)
And then Snow’s answer was
“You face it, princess. I don’t need a boy crushing on me to feel good about myself. If Vlad doesn’t date me, that’s fine. If he does, great. But I’m not going to base my entire sense of self-esteem on whether or not I have a date to the prom.”
Thank you Heather Brewer. I hope it’s not illegal to do this, it might be. Oh well you only die once or whatever idiotic people of this generation have been saying. This is a completely different subject. Back to the point, girls of the last decades more like centuries but who’s counting just seem to have no respect to their person unless somebody hands it to them (not I’m not going to say literally because that is the wrong use of the word.)
(God I am terrible at finding relatable pictures for my "articles". it is cute though concradulations to whoever drew this)
It is plain sad that the do not see their self worth and society also doesn’t try to teach them to consider themselves as equals. And no by that I do not mean have an actual sexual relationship with someone in your mid thirties but to do it only due to wanting to do it for personal reasons not because people will think more highly or lowly or you if you are sexually active or have are ‘beautiful’ on whatever societies standards. I’m not recreating that cliché lie of everybody’s beautiful because it is untrue. The brain perceives as attractive the person with the characteristics he is most accustomed to. Therefore, to put plainly, you are unique. Oh, look another cliché. I thought nobody would take  an enraged ‘feminist’ girl seriously so I will use parts of different books,  to point out that beauty is unimportant.
That was a long prologue...
 In the book ‘Women” by Charles Bukowski he talks to us about his girlfriend
And describes her saying that she has a big nose, her one eye was bigger than the other, her poetry was shit. I do agree that he was not exceptionally nice about it but any female reading it would not feel overwhelmed about another perfect specimen that so many writers meet or more accurately imagine. He liked her cheerfulness and that was the one trait that he did like about her and that made her attractive to him even though- No. No spoilers even though the book is very old. (I personally found it in the library so imagine.
Another one a little bit more  sweet and innocent this time ‘The perks of being a wallflower’ I fell in love with this book a few years back, yes to the unaware it was a book long before it became a movie. So Charlie, the main character tells to Sam the very widely known to all the people wasting their life on the internet
‘We accept the love that we think we deserve’ he says to a Sam wondering why things didn’t go the way se expected in her relationship with Craig.
Another example of girls not thinking they are for anything better than sexual intercourse is in the book I’ll spit in your graves by Boris Vian in a dialogue between the protagonist and a random girl he met that very day that a café, that ends up being a main character but at this pointing chapter 2 is a stranger.
‘You dance well for an old guy’ she said
‘My grandfather taught me’ I said
‘I can see that. So old fashioned.’
‘You are sure better than me in jive but I can teach you other tricks’
She half closed her eyes.
‘Old people’s tricks’ she asked
‘It depends whether you are talented’
‘I know where this is going…’
‘You sure don’t. Does anybody have a guitar?’
 That woman does have low self respect. Only me.
I am aware I am weird. If you want to add another book to the pile feel free to

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Type of writers that everybody hates

So uhm here it is this is entirely my opinion and you shoulden't take me seriously:

 1) The fuck you I don't like my art I will rewrite the whole thing even though I have already updated 20 chapters just to spite you.

2) the shit I died in the middle of the third book type so you'll never know how it ends. With all due to respect fuck you, I know it is disrespectfull I'll send you flowers.

3) the person with the awesome ideas that writes so beautifully but every time you tell them so they will disagree with you. Do not publish then you little...

4)the enfluenced little shit that cannot write about anything that was not written by 2 million people before him/her.

5) that writer thattakes a story off great with confetti and crap and then feels obligated to add some romance. Why did you think turning it itto a cliche love story would be a good idea? Why?

6) And last but not least the cuntthat writes a n exciting first book and the rest are shit. Like the hunger games for example.

wasting your time with love,

10 book recommendations

So school's out.dan dan dan dan. Sorry stupid pun, anyway I've read some really cool books throughout this school year that I actually think are worth your precious time of doing nothing so here I am recomending to you the best of them.

1 the curse workers-Holly Black

it is a 17 year old boy that has associated himself with the mafia and turned his crush since he was a kid itno a cat. oh the are also into a paralel universe and have superpowers.

2 the dissapearing spoon-sam kean

stories on on the elements of the period table. the way it is written is very amusing though

3 the status civillization-robert sheckley

I think it is supposingly in a future worold with a rotten society that sends all it's criminals to a different planet because it cannot handle them.

4 J'irai cracher sur vos tombes-boris vian

i don;t even know how to discribe without it sounding weird it is my favorite book though

5under the volcano-malcolm lowry

it is in mexicico at the day of the dead and describes the life of an alchoholic person that does nothing with his life.
it is always great to have a look into the future, right?

6 the death of the moth and other essays-virginia woolf

it contains the letter to a young poet that you probably have read anyway it is a great book.

7 the first three minuites-stephen weinberg

it takls about the origin of the universe ina way understandable to the averege human being it is quite old though

8 the feyman lectures on physics-feyman/leighton/sands

I think the tittle gives it away and it it doesn;t you're a bloody idiot.

9 les flewrs du mal-charles baudlair

a great collection of poems

10 illuminations-arthur rimbaud

and that's poetry too, sorry. 
my favorite one is war. if you don't want to read the book you can check it out online.
 I think..

And I am terrible at intoducing books. So never again. Probably
Anyway this is merely the order that i read the not based on how mach I liked them. I hope ypu enjoy them just as much as I did.
On an other note I have been reccomended a book called johnny got his gun or something between those line and I was considering reading it if you've read it please give me a rating
thank you for your time.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Modern Family-Greek Version

I was watching TV the other day and I saw this commercial about a new show: Modern Family. At least, the greek version of it.
And I couldn't help but wonder if the concept was going to work and here are the reasons why.

The Greek version of Modern Family. I'll let you guess who's who.

A. Gay Parents Aren't At All Acceptable in Greece.

Mitch and Cam.
What am I talking about? Gay people aren't at all acceptable.There isn't a chance that two gay men could adopt a baby in Greece. There isn't a chance they would be so open about it the way Mitch and Cam are in the american one. There would be both burnt in stakes- I hope I'm speaking non literally.
Also Lilly's name. Every single name was changed to a greek one, for obvious reasons. But Lilly's name stayed. For some weird reason.

In case you haven't guessed yet, for left to right
Alex, Hailey, Luke and Manny.
B. They should be more concerned about money than they are.
Due to the economical crisis, I would never think that The Dunphies would be able to stay in a house like that, with that many computers etc with only Phil working.

Gloria and Jay. The letters in the box say "Married 6 months"
C. A Columbian woman and a Greek man?You can start the puns about the World Cup after I finish. Quite frankly, I believe there wasn't one Columbian in Greece. (Maybe in vacation?) But, I'm sure there wasn't one Columbian who married a Greek. Gloria is ok, because it's the USA. There are a lot of immigrants from South America so Gloria doesn't seem so odd. But in Greece? In the greek version, everybody acts like it's normal, or at least like an american would act if they saw a columbian in the street, while it shouldn't be. Too unrealistic.

From left to right sitting on the couch: Gloria, Phil, Claire, Jay,
Mitch, Cam. The one standing is probably one of the
D. The budget.Even if the economical crisis doesn't exist in the show, it is a problem for the producers. As a result, the quantity of the whole show is much lower than the original one, and as a person who has watched both, it kind of ruins it for me.

Me honest opinion? No one should even bother making a Greek version of Modern Family. The best thing they could do was translate it and air the original one with greek subtitles.